Green Frog Forever - Birthday Special

The Galilean Moon Creatures have all gathered here today for a very special commemoration. It is the birthday of the great and venerable Green Frog. Green Frog was born on this day in 1926 in the city of Stettin in what used to be known as the Weimar Republic. The moon creatures miss his presence greatly, as he has had a massive influence on both their art and their way of thinking. Without him they would not be here today. Ceremonies started early this morning and several moon creatures are already somewhat worse for wear. Bandit Io and Ganymede have imbibed so much that they are now both drooling uncontrollably in the corner of the room surrounded by a collection of empty bottles, a broken chair and various food remnants. They were supposed to be involved in a special flag raising ceremony later on today, but it has become clear that they cannot carry out these duties effectively. It has been decided that Xuanwumen will carry out this task for them. He is far more dependable and is in fact teetotal; as a result, not a drop of alcohol has passed his lips. He is quite proud of this fact.