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  • Rys - our hero steps forth...
  • Dick -The night out with the nurses from Wishaw
  • Dick, Our protagonist takes his first good look
  • Dick the ditch and the tank that ran over him
  • Dick and the shrapnel tree
  • Dick rounding-up the remnants of the Hitler Youth
  • Dick and his amazing bee beard
  • Dick and his crew mate with a severe case of DTs
  • Passes out after scrubbing down the oil tanks
  • Death in Pusan
  • Dick contemplates the hole in the floor
  • Jakarta Harbour Street Brawl
  • Dick and his crazy first day at work
  • Ryszardo & Zdzichlaw stumble to their mother's
  • Dick let the giant earwigs clear the wax away
  • Dick and his double plug dilemma
  • Dick and his tripod selfie faux-pas
  • Ricky + Ronny and their fancy dress debacle